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"Let there be light.." Photons and their effects

One of the best-known particles/waves in quantum mechanics are most probably the photons. They transmit all electromagnetic forces, so you could say, brightness, warmth, magnetic fields etc.  are all kinds of light at the end of the day. Photons however, are far more than that. Photons are the only particles that can be found absolutely everywhere. They carry the forces of life, for life can not exist without them. There might be places on Earth, where you don't find enough of them, so they can be detected as visible light, yet they are there, and be it only in form of Earth magnetism.

Light is in the eye of the observer

You surely know, that the eye is capable of proceeding photons. But did you know, that eyes emit them aswell? They actually do. This was proved and measured several times all over the world. Some scientists believe, that the amount of the emitted photons cause the effect we sometimes even physically feel, when someone looks at us. Some go even further by stating,…

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