Kepler discover ancient solar system with five earth-sized planets.

NASA kepler spacecraft launched on March 7, 2009, discovered an ancient solar system which is similar to our solar system, it has 5 earth sized planets orbiting the star named kepler-444. The system is 11.2 billion years old. Kepler-444 is a star which is 25% smaller than our sun, It is situated at 117 light-years from earth. This discovery is going to help astronomers learn even more about the history of the Milky Way.Scientists at the University of Birmingham described the solar system as a "miniature version" of our own

    Those planets are very much close to their star that they complete their orbits in
fewer than 10 days. At that distance, they’re very much closer to their star it makes them much hotter than mercury and hence no expectations of life is on this planets. Kepler-444 is very bright and can be easily seen with binoculars.

    Dr Tiago Campante said it could provide a clue to "the existence of ancient life in the galaxy". 

    "By the time the Earth formed, the planets in this system were already older than our planet is today," he said."This discovery may now help to pinpoint the beginning of what we might call the era of planet formation."

    Dr Campante said the discovery showed planets of an Earth-like size, capable of supporting life, could exist around a similarly ancient star.

     The kepler-444 and its planets were two and a half time older than earth and dated back to the "dawn of the galaxy".

     kepler spacecraft was launched in 2009 and so far has discovered hundreds of a new worlds. As of January 2015, Kepler and its follow-up observations had found 1,013 confirmed exoplanets in about 440 stellar systems , along with a further 3,199 unconfirmed planet candidates. Four planets have been confirmed through Kepler  '​s K2 mission.In November 2013, astronomers reported, based on Kepler space mission data, that there could be as many as 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting in the habitable zones of Sun-like and red dwarf stars within the Milky Way .
   This discoveries has begin a new hunt for finding earth sized planets in our universe.

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  Tiago Campante/Peter Devine