NASA spacecraft DAWN approaches dwarf planet ceres.

Ceres as seen from hubble space telescope.
NASA Spacecraft DAWN is travelling to ceres after visiting protoplanet vesta,  as each seconds past DAWN is more closer to the dwarf planet. DAWN will be the first spacecraft to visit ceres, which is the largest object in the asteroid belt. Ceres lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter . The unmanned Dawn spacecraft is scheduled to arrive at Ceres on March 6, 2015.
While in the way the DAWN spacecraft has taken some spectacular pictures of the planet, this images are highest-resolution pictures ever taken. Astronomers have seen a mysterious white spot on the surface of ceres also seen in the pictures taken by hubble space telescope, the mystery of this white spot will be unfolded as DAWN approaches the asteroid body. It is very probably an impact crater.

The spacecraft instrumentation includes a framing camera, a visual and infrared spectrometer, and a gamma-ray and neutron detector. These instruments will examine Ceres's shape and elemental composition.

We will uncover more about the planet ceres and the DAWN spacecraft soon.