Amateur astronomers reports mysterious yellow balls in deep space.

A group of amateur astronomers while scanning tens of thousands of images from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope have found something unusual which had before gone largely unrecognized. The unusual thing they had found were named "Yellow Balls" because of their appearance in the infrared images.

This amateur scientists of the web-based milky way project started chatting about these mysterious yellow balls which they kept seeing in the pictures and brought the attention of many scientist.

The yellow balls in this pictures appear small but are actually several hundred to thousands of times the size of our solar system, and they are not actually yellow they appear to be yellow because Spitzer captures infrared images. Scientist's figured out that they are a new way to detect the early stages of massive star formation.

Volunteers using Zooniverse website scans this images taken by Spitzer in the Milky Way project. They already had found not only yellow balls but also several green balls and red balls but this new yellow balls are new and mysterious to them. In addition There are also green bubbles with red centers surrounding the yellow balls.

Volunteers have classified more than 5,000 of these green bubbles using the project's Web-based tools. In infrared light the area where green and red overlaps appears yellow. Than what are this newly found yellow balls?

"A thorough analysis by the team led to the conclusion that the yellow balls precede the green bubble features, representing a phase of star formation that takes place before the bubbles form." -  written on NASA JPL website. 

Astronomers are now calculating the distribution of the yellow balls  in the galaxy and More than 900 of these compact yellow features have been identified by the volunteers.

Image credit -  NASA JPL/Spitzer/calTech
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