Facts and History of Horsehead Nebula.

Located in the constellation orion Horsehead nebula is one of the most beautiful and easily recognizable nebula in the sky because it bears some resemblance to a horse's head when viewed. It is also known as Barnard 33. 



The nebula is located just to the south of the star Alnitak , which is farthest east on Orion's Belt, and is part of the much larger Orion Molecular Cloud Complex. It is 1500 light years away from earth.

The nebula was first identified and recorded in 1888 by Williamina Fleming at the Harvard College Observatory.

The Size of Horsehead nebula is Between 2 and 3 light-years across. This nebula can be easily viewed by a regular telescope.

The dark cloud of dust and gas is a region in the Orion Molecular Cloud Complex where star formation is taking place. This nebula can contain over 100 known organic and inorganic gases as well as dust consisting of large and complex organic Molecules.

Horsehead nebula is a dark nebula which is a type of diffuse nebula that is so dense it obscures the light from a background emission or reflection or it blocks out background stars (for example, the Snake Nebula).

The Horsehead nebula is very popular in fiction generally in sci-fic movies, TV serials, Video Games and Novels.

Notable in -

The Stars, Like Dust (1951)
The Ship Who Sang (1969)
Space Pirate Captain Harlock (1977-1979)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979)
Widget (1990-1991)
Ancient Shores (1996)
Old Soldier (1999)
Mass Effect (2007) and Mass Effect 3 (2012)
The Tree of Life (2011)