Fe[26] is an addictive game that teaches you Nuclear Astrophysics!

There are many educational games out in the vast ocean of the internet, but this one is both addictive, fun and teaches you how the atoms of your body are forged inside the cauldrons of cosmos!

As we know, everything is made of atoms, including ourselves. Except some light elements, such as Hydrogen and Helium, most of the elements are created either inside the cores of the stars, or after violent nova and supernova explosions.

[SPOILER] New series about the lives of the stars and creation of the elements is coming up next week!

This game is the most successful 2048 - like game we played so far! It has been created by Dimitar Dimitrov and Kevin O'Connor and can be found in this link. There are indeed some mistakes about fusion reactions (e.g it is forbidden in the game to fuse Magnesium and Helium to Silicon) but all in all is a great way to start involving yourself with the branch of Nuclear Astrophysics.

Attention! It's addictive and be aware of the radioactive decay!