Manned mission to an asteroid by 2025.

What object human will walk first on, an asteroid or the planet Mars? The answer is an asteroid. Human will put their footprints on an near-earth asteroid by 2025. After walking on moon it became a human goal to walk on other space objects. A human mission to an asteroid is one of the long term goals of astronautics .

  It would be a new step in spaceflight as humans haven't travelled beyond the moon. This mission will put humans on an asteroid in a range of 4.8 million kilometers from Earth.433 Eros is a near-Earth asteroid which is one of the candidates to be visited first (not confirmed) but a near-earth asteroid will be the target of the mission due to their nearness to the earth.

  After the cancellation of the constellation program which was proposed to put humans on moon again. On 15 April 2010 US President Barack Obama announced that the project of a human mission to an asteroid became a new goal for 2025.

  NASA is currently developing the technology needed to do so, also developing the Orion spacecraft and launcher Space Launch System (SLS) that will achieve the task in Exploration Mission 2 .

  If everything goes according to the plan then in 2025 there will be a human walking on an asteroid waving his hands toward the will be a very proud moment for humans and after reaching on asteroid our next goal will be sending humans to mars by 2030s.

Image credit -  NASA.