Mystery of Mars! - Mysterious plume appeared twice on martian atmosphere.

What are this mysterious white spots on mars? Clouds? Auroras of mars?

This vast plume was first spotted by astronomers in 2012, they have appeared twice before disappearing and stretched for 1,000km, is larger than any seen before. Scientists who researched on this says that the plume could be a large cloud or an exceptionally bright aurora.

The plume is first seen by astronomers from around the world who keeps gazing at red planet.

One of the first stargazers to capture images of the phenomenon was Damian Peach.

The vast, bright haze lasted for about 10 days. A month later, it reappeared for the same length of time. But it has not been seen since.

Scientists have confirmed this phenomena but don't have explanation for it.

Many believes that this can be auroras of martian land, this auroras can also be seen on earth's Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

These are just different explanations of same phenomena, We can hope that scientists will soon publish some papers explaining this mystery with proof unless we need to wait for the plume to occur again.

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Source : BBC
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