Citizen Science - GalaxyZoo

Credit: SDSS III
Astronomers have been held back by huge walls of data and information since the invention of digital telescopes. Sky wide surveys and scans produce enough data to last one astronomer a life time - which is why citizen science was born. Astronomers present data to amateur astronomers with the proper tools to classify and catalouge the mountainous data.

Galaxy Zoo, has compiled millions of photographs from Hubble, SDSS, and UKIDSS. This citizen project presents the user with a photograph, and several broad classification menus. When a classification is picked, more specific details are presented. These details include spiral pattern, spiral arm tightness, color, abnormalities, and bulge patterns. 

When I logged into my Galaxy Zoo account and went to their classify page, this was the first galaxy I was presented with. I classified the object in the photo as having a disk, obvious buldge, and two loose spiral arms. This simple classification saved astronomers time, and gave them the ability to research classified galaxies.

Here are some galaxies I have saved in my profile:

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