LHC re-launch – Excitement included

The Large Hadron Collider, short LHC, has been in its restart sequence for quite a while now. As recently reported, some troubles showed up. A short circuit in sector 3 to 4 slows the re-launch remarkably down. (Source: lhc-facts.ch) Concerning to the officials, this is not a big problem yet one, that will take some time, anything between some days and some weeks. Originally, the first experiments on full range were scheduled for the second half of May. It is unsure now, if this time schedule will be kept.

All technicians work on full power and as quickly, as any possible. The „Ghost“ of the 2008 incident however, still veils through the tunnel of the biggest lab in CERN. Back then, some magnets got just torn out of the ring due to the failure of some joints. Luckily, no one was injured in this incident.

Severe damages on the magnet ring after 2008-incident. Source: LHC-facts.ch

A completely new adventure

Some of you might have followed the reports and have read, that the scientists talk about a „whole new machine“. Every single one of the more than 10 000 magnets have been thoroughly checked and maintained and the acceleration performance has been nearly doubled. So in a very simplified way one could say, that there has been a new accelerator set up in the old encasement. Some technicians are a bit worried about that, wondering if the geometry and consistence of the magnet ring will withstand the giant forces expected to occur. All thinkable and possible safety precautions are over accomplished, to ensure a safe and successful run of the „world machine“.

Problems are meant to be solved, as it is said, so it can be taken for granted, that this incident may delay, yet not smash the new round of experiments to be conducted in Geneva. Also it can be expected that there will be the one or the other newly constructed conspiracy theory, dwelling around the more spectacular projects. This, however, is „business as usual“ for the LCH-crew, just remember the great fuzz having been made around the generation of a tiny Black Hole in the accelerator back in 2011. For this, also security precautions had to be met. It is very unfortunate, that quite some people are obviously not aware of the fact, that scientists do a lot even take risks for new discoveries yet they are not all that mad to play around with the safety of our environment or even lives.

Wait and see

Several offers ensure, that you guys, who are interested can follow the developments in Geneva in real time. Of course, we will keep you updated aswell, so stay with us and discover a whole new sight on our familiar world. Some think, that knowledge is the enemy of magic. It very easily can be the other way around aswell: The more we understand, the more mysterious our Universe might appear to us, from the biggest to the smallest brick of it. 

You can follow the latest developments in Geneva on Twitter, for example. Enter "LHC" into the search bar and you will find several offers, including separate timelines for every experiment.

Another great source is www.lhc-facts.ch. You can even take a virtual look into the situation room and watch the measurements in real time. 

Quite some of the projects scheduled might have a great impact on our daily lives in future. New technologies might appear possible, so what goes on in Geneva actually is "for all mankind".