"Mirror, mirror on the wall..." the new mission of LHC

Does Supersymmetry look like that? Artist: Markus Wegner/pixelio.de

Did the headline draw your intention? Well, the main quest to be undertaken in the new cycle of experiments in Geneva will do even more than that. One of the really promising newer theory in physics is a bundle of theories, to be exact. It is summarized under the term "Supersymmetry". To cut a long story short it could be said, that these theories state, that every particle has a partner, which is connected to it. The "super-part" however is, that the connected partners could be matter and matter, energy and energy or even matter and energy. Also it is stated, that the "supersymmetric couples" don't necessarily follow the principle of monogamy. Nevertheless however, they behave like couples, even though there might be several "participants".


Sounds like just another strange quantum physical theory so far, I know. It gets interesting however, if we insisted matter-energy-couples, how it is done in the more popular supersymmetric considerations. This would offer a simple, beautiful and applicable explanation for the immense amount of energy, which is stored in matter, as we know. We use this energy for example when we burn wood in our mantle-piece for warming the living-room. This method, however makes just a little part of the stored energy in the wood available. Most of it literally turns into ashes.

If scientists managed to "crack" the supersymmetric connections, the efficiency of energy consumption would be that high, that a sugar cube could provide a normal household with energy for about one week. Pollution? None. Remains? None! It would not just be a highly interesting answer to the upcoming energy crisis but also offer solutions to our growing environmental problems.

Explaining the unexplainable

So far, we have a more or less deep gap between classical physics and the quantum sciences. The quantum sciences however, have their issues aswell. The widely accepted Standard Model of Particle Physics  explains a lot, yet is far away from explaining everything, that was seen in theoretical or practical experiments. The idea of supersymmetric particles would add more "partical-breeds" to the "partical zoo" and would soothe the forcing question: elemental particle, or not? Whenever something new shows up in the accelerators of this world.

It also could help to solve the riddle off so-called "virtual particles" which is considered as one possible explanation for the phenomenon, that particles obviously can multiply themselves out of nothing. Einstein's "nemesis", the spooky action at distance, could be seen as a supersymmetric effect aswell. This phenomenon was detected during the famous double-slit experiment. It looked like the photons met some sort of collusions on how to behave. Both well-observed phenomenons could get of high interest concerning communication technology for example.

Scientific thrills in CERN

One of the greatest events during this upcoming cycle of experiments would actually be the discovery of supersymmetric particles or any event, that would be good for an indirect prove for the ideas of supersymmetry. Something like that might easily be as shaking for the world of physics as the discovery of the Higgs Boson in 2012. It would be shaking aswell, for a direct consequence would be the fact, that our scientific picture of Universe is wrong or, even worse, faulty. In the latter case, the name of the new quest would be: What is right, what is wrong? 

Besides deeper insights into the mysteries of the Higgs Boson, some possible discoveries concerning Dark Matter and Dark Energy, the new cycle of experiments in Geneva could finally result in a late handshake between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr.