„First Contact“ in CERN?

Besides of other tasks, one of the really exciting challenges for the Large Hadron Collider will be the search for the so-called Dark Matter. This phenomenon was theortically defined in 1930 allready. In short, the Dark Matter is some sort of mathematical/scientifical variable, that should explain the behavior of our Universe. Due to several calculations, the amount of matter in Universe is not high enough to overcome gravitation, which would mean, that nothing of shape could exist! Even if you add the assumed amount of anti-matter, there is still quite a lot left, that obvously has to be there, yet didn't show itself yet. For it lies completely in the darkness of the unknown, it is called Dark Matter. The name has nothing to do with luminousity or colour of the requested physical entitiy.

We only know, what we don't know

Upt to now, no one was able to entirely proof the detection of Dark Matter. A while ago, some unknown particles, that got the name „Neutralinos“ showed up at the detectors of the ISS. It is widely accepted, that these little guys might probably be the first „representatives“ of the „Dark-Matter-family“. Theoretically, there should be huge clouds of Dark Matter, spread all over the Universe. Even our galaxy ist surrounded and permeated by this mysterious stuff. Some scientists believe, that the Dark Matter streams, flowing through just everything ensure, that matter as we know it does not collaps. This idea is inspired by the uncomfortable discovery, that even most of our atoms is...nothing! Just empty space. The working forces of the particles don't explain in an satisfying way, that atoms still exist and do this in a stable way.

Believe it or not, it seems to be evident, that all of us, me, you, even the computer, I am typing on right now, is constantly traversed by streams of Dark Matter, for granting the stability. If you want to look at it in a philosophical way you might say, it is constant flow and movement, that creates stability.

Smash it, if you want to understand it!

This could be seen as the flippant motto of the CERN scientists. And, to keep it interesting, a principle of classical physics works on the quantum level aswell for a change: The harder you smash something, the smaller „debris“ occurs. That's why the power of the LHC was nearly doubled in the last two years, to ensure that even smaller particle slivers can be produced. Up to now we think, quarks are the smallest existing version of matter particles. Is that right? What if Dark Matter particles are even smaller? You got it! If you want to answer these questions, you have to smash the accelerated particle beams even harder.

Quite some scientists are convinced, that tracing Dark Matter might be a great turnaround in natural sciences. It could finally offer explanations for urging issues like, what does graviation consist of? Or dimensions? What are they made of? Another highly thrilling question would be if Dark Matter is able to transport information. Where there's matter, theres energy aswell. And of course, also a Dark Energy ist defined. If this one would be prooved, the „energy balance“ of our Universe finally would work. Up to know we have all hints, that it actually does, unfortunately however we have no idea, how. Does Dark Matter produce Dark Energy? Or ist just the other way around?

Established assumptions vs. Certainity

Let's take a close look on what we really know...Well, it is not all that much actually. Most of our scientific picture of our cosmos consists of, to be really, brutally honest, well established assumptions, that haven't been refuted yet. This is, what makes science a quest, a mission, an adventure. A „First Contact“ with Dark Matter at CERN will bring our research and understanding of our cosmos and also of ourselves to a higher level. Did I already mention, that the activities to be undertaken at CERN in the next months can be seen as even more thrilling than a good Hollywood movie?