How to do things in Space?

We All wonder how the Astronauts who live in space perform the basic activities we do here on earth like brushing teeth, washing face, Sleeping, Crying e.t.c.?

After Searching this on internet I came across lots of videos in which ISS (International Space Station) Astronauts explains how they perform different activities in Space.

We Know that there is no gravity in space and everything up there floats including water which is required for brushing, bathing, washing hands, So it's clear that the activities we do here are very different when they are performed in space.

1) How to wash your Hands in Space?

2) How to Brush your teeth in space?

3) Can you Cry in Space?

4) How to drink water in Space?

5) How do you Sleep in Space?

6) How to eat in Space?

7) How To Barf,Puke Vomit in Space?

Video Credits : Youtube/ Video from Space - 1,2,3,5,6,7th video / Ayman Dx.

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