The Mysterious Bright Spots on Ceres!

NASA Recently published a post on their website regarding the Bright Spots on Ceres with the Best image of the two spots taken till date, which gives us a closer and more clearer look.

Ceres Bright Spots
NASA's Dawn Spacecraft took this image on june 6,2015. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA

Scientists says that they shine very brightly, Reflecting back a lot of sunlight compared to the surroundings, but there origin is still unknown. This Bright Spots can also be observed in the early images of the dwarf taken by Hubble.

Bright Spot on Ceres captured by Hubble
This Image of Ceres was captured by Hubble Space Telescope and was released by NASA on September 7,2005. The Bright spot can be seen in this image.  Credits : NASA
NASA has asked public to submit a guess on what can possibly be the reason behind this Bright Spots from different options like Ice, Volcano, Geyser, Rock and others. As of me i have voted that the Bright spots on Ceres might be Ice. You can also vote on this by visiting What's the spot on World Ceres? page. 

As of today 29% of users picked Ice, 9 % of users picked Volcano and Salt Deposit but majority of users (40%) picked the option "Other". I am very eager to know what option you have picked and why? Please let me know below in comment section.

Some Conspiracy Theorists Thinks that this Spots are caused by Alien Activity, Maybe True who knows? Scientist's are still trying to figure out the reason behind the bright spots, Until then all we can do is Guessing what might be the cause of this mysterious marks.

This Spots are 4 Times Brighter than the rest of the Ceres surface.

"The bright spots in this configuration make Ceres unique from anything we've seen before in the solar system. The science team is working to understand their source. Reflection from ice is the leading candidate in my mind, but the team continues to consider alternate possibilities, such as salt. With closer views from the new orbit and multiple view angles, we soon will be better able to determine the nature of this enigmatic phenomenon,"   Chris Russell, principal investigator for the Dawn mission       
                                                                                                                                                                                     Source : NASA

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