New Horizons flew by Pluto, Signal Confirms

New Horizons team received a confirmation signal today that it successfully flew by Pluto making it the first ever spacecraft to do so.

This Image was taken by New Horizons a day before the fly by. Credits - (NASA-JHUAPL-SWRI)

It flew by the system as planned, collecting all the Science data it aimed to. The Data collected by the spacecraft will be sent to earth in coming days, Including the High-Resolution sharp images it snapped during the closest approach.

It will take 16 months to receive all the data New Horizons collected this week. In the coming weeks New Horizons is sending back new high resolution pictures of pluto and its 3 moon Charon, Hydra and Nix.

This is a false-colour image of Pluto and Charon , obtained by the Ralph instrument to highlight their compositional diversity. Credit - NASA/APL/SwRI

The Image Reveals that Charon is as colorful as Pluto.

Dennis Reuter, co-investigator with the New Horizons Composition Team said that - “We make these color images to highlight the variety of surface environments present in the Pluto system, They show us in an intuitive way that there is much still to learn from the data coming down”

Sources : NASA