Super Blood Moon this Sunday!

You probably don't want to miss a thing which is next going to happen in 2033, No worries if you are at the right place on the earth you will get a perfect look at the bloody moon this Sunday.

image source : digg

The moon will be slightly brighter and will adopt a reddish hue. This super moon is a combination of two phenomena's happening together, the moon will be closest to earth in its orbit and will coincide with lunar eclipse making the perfect ingredient for a super moon, leaving the moon in earth's shadow.

The last time this happened was in 1982, and next is September 27, 2015. This super moon will be 14% larger and 33% brighter than other full moons, in addition the earth will line up directly with the sun and the moon resulting  a lunar eclipse.

Only people living under the  shaded region (eclipse zone) will have the opportunity to take a look at Sunday's super moon live, others can view this rare event on NASA's livestream.

Image credit : NASA

Picture credit : NASA

As seeing the moon is not harmful for our eyes you can take a look at it as long as you want to and take as many pictures of this rare event.