Liquid Water on Mars! All you need to know

NASA officially confirmed that liquid water flows on today's Mars. This confirmation by NASA was based upon the new findings of NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), Researchers used the imaging spectrometer on board MRO to confirm the flow of liquid water on mars.

The surface geography of the Red planet clearly indicates that it was full of liquid water, oceans and rivers in past , had atmosphere but lost everything over time. The liquid water which was present on Mars surface may have evaporated and escaped into space. The planets weak gravity and thin atmosphere is to blame for this.

NASA confirmed the flow of liquid water on Mars boosting the chances of Alien life on the planet. Researches with the help of HiRISE ( High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) camera aboard the (MRO) noticed dark streaks that appear during warm weather but fade away in cold weather.

We know that water is the basic need of life, without water there will be no life on earth though the same doesn't apply to the whole universe. Mars had water on its surface in past which means that microbial life might have existed on the red planet

Artist impression that shows how Mars may have looked billions of years ago . Image : Wikimedia

Water on Mars is not a rare thing, there are lots of water trapped on the north and south pole of the red planet but it exist in the form of solid ice. Flowing Liquid water is a new finding Now all we need to do is to get to the place where Researchers have found liquid water and take a physical sample, but how can we do that? Curiosity! Yes the curiosity rover is the first thing that will come in our mind, but how far is it from the place? It is just 30 miles (50 KM) away from the place where NASA has claimed the flow of liquid water. Even though it's close to the place the international law forbid it from visiting and investigation the area. "The outer space treaty of 1967" A international law that prevents every nation on earth from sending, Robot or human close to a water source on other space object in the fear of contaminating it with life from Earth. 100 percent sterilization is needed to be achieved in order to study the liquid water on Mars closely.

Another thing preventing the curiosity rover from investigating the water source is the terrains of the red planet. It's very difficult for the rover to navigate to the area.

The next question up in my mind while writing this blog post was Can we drink the water present on Mars? Yes! Is the simple answer but The taste of it will be saltier than the saltiest water ever existed on earth. Martian soil is rich in Perchlorate a type of hydrated salt. The presence of these salts is what makes the presence of liquid water possible on Mars.
Picture (1) credit - NASA/JPL/University of Arizona.