Unexpected Asteroid to pass by earth on Halloween at an Unusually High Speed

TB145, An asteroid discovered on 10 October by Scientists at NASA is heading towards the earth orbit and is going to fly-by on 31 October, nicknamed 'spooky' and 'The Great Pumpkin'.

The asteroid posses zero threat to earth and is about to fly past from a distance of 300,000 miles (483,000 km), travelling at a speed of 22 miles per second (78,300 mph) making the closest approach at 1.05pm ET (5.05pm GMT) on 31 October .

No object of its size will come closer to earth in the next 20 years, Spooky is estimated to measure 290 to 650 meters wide and won't be visible to naked eyes.

Video Credit : IGN News (Source)

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