The Sombrero Galaxy! - Amazing Space

The Sombrero Galaxy in infrared view.
Universe is full of massive objects located at a far distance and even though they are very massive they can only be viewed with giant telescopes located on earth or are orbiting it. The image above is created with the help of two space-telescopes Hubble and Spitzer. This is the Sombrero galaxy one of the most popular sights in the universe.

It is also knows as  Messier 104, located at a distance of roughly 30 million light years from earth and it has a diameter of approximately 50,000 light years which is 30% the size of Milky Way.  

Discovered on May 11, 1781 by Pierre Mechain (a french astronomer) the galaxy hosts a supermassive black hole on its center which is said to be 1 billion times the mass of sun. This is amongst the most supermassive black holes measured in any nearby galaxy.

Image Credit : NASA/ESA


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